The EUCAR Council: the governing body of EUCAR is the Council consisting of the heads of research and advanced development of the member companies of EUCAR. The chairmanship of the Council rotates annually between the members. For 2018 the EUCAR Chairman is Mr Gerd Schuster, Senior Vice President Research, New Technology and Innovation, BMW Group.fg_161108_eucar_-rc-90

Additionally the EUCAR organisation consists of the following elements:

  • Management Committees: including the Coordination Committee, with the role to support the operation of EUCAR and the contacts with the member companies. The Finance Group and the Legal Group support EUCAR in relevant issues. Details here.
  • The Strategic Pillar Groups: for each EUCAR Strategic Pillar, a group of senior executives and experts guides and oversees the EUCAR work in that domain. Details here.
  • Expert Groups: the practical work on R&I issues is performed by the EUCAR Expert Groups which consist of expertise from the members companies. It is in the EGs the R&D needs are identified and formulated, and suitable R&D projects are initiated.  Each Expert Group is aligned with a Strategic Pillar Group. Details here.
  • The EUCAR Office: located in Brussels, the EUCAR Office is the secretariat of EUCAR, responsible for the daily running of the organisation and the entry point to EUCAR.

EUCAR Chairman 2018

Mr Gerd Schuster, Senior Vice President Research, New Technology and Innovation, BMW Group.

EUCAR Office

EUCAR Office is the secretariat for the organisation.

Stefan Deix
Luis de Prada
Research Programme Manager
Franz Geyer
Seconded Expert
Iris Lasanow
Management Assistant