Message from the EUCAR Chairman

Photo © BMW

Of course, the day-to-day challenges faced by the European automotive industry are well known and omnipresent in the media. We at EUCAR, however, are looking far ahead into the future of mobility, as we want to address the challenges of tomorrow. Through the work done by the research departments of our member companies, as well as EUCAR’s joint innovation projects, we are developing medium- and long-term mobility solutions for Europe.

That is also why we do not focus on the improvement of existing technologies or vehicles, nor on short-term solutions to current problems with air quality in urban areas for example. Together with our partners in industry, politics and society, we concentrate instead on the long-term aspects of mobility. This work not only relates to our customers and employees, as we are developing mobility solutions for all Europeans, whether they are directly or indirectly part of the mobility ecosystem.

Hence, our objective at EUCAR is to show that our concepts and solutions for tomorrow’s mobility contribute towards improving the quality of life across the entire EU. In other words, we want to make our key objectives tangible to people.

  • EUCAR is clearly committed to the COP 21 Paris Climate Agreement.
  • One of EUCAR’s key objectives is to reduce emissions to zero, especially in urban environments.
  • In our view, future mobility should be congestion-free and become multimodal through the integration of different transport modes, both private and public.
  • EUCAR strives for a future in which Europeans are able to travel ever longer distances in comfort and with low emissions, also allowing them to seamlessly cross the borders of EU countries.
  • Through our work, we at EUCAR are securing that future automotive development and production remains in Europe while also preserving our technological leadership in global terms.

EUCAR, the European Council for automotive R&D, plays an active part in finding holistic solutions for all Europeans to the mobility challenges of tomorrow. Considering that the automotive sector also generates more than 13 million direct and indirect EU jobs, we are an integral part of European society.

We are committed to Europe!

Yours sincerely,

Gerd Schuster
EUCAR Chairman 2018
Senior Vice President Research, New Technology and Innovation, BMW Group