ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023

The 15th ITS Europe Congress was hosted by the city of Lisbon, from 22 to 24 May 2023. The event’s theme was ‘The Game Changer’, and the programme included topics reflecting some of the most challenging issues and opportunities in mobility. Over 2500 attendees participated in more than 100 Programme sessions. The EUCAR project Hi-Drive was featured as part of the technical programme on Wednesday 24 May 2023, in the session “Extended and defragmented Operational Design Domains for higher automation” with Aria Etemad, Volkswagen AG, as speaker. Hi-Drive advances the European state-of-the-art of automated driving from SAE Level 3 ‘Conditional Automation’ further up towards...
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Project in Focus: ZEFES

The ZEFES project develops “Zero Emission Flexible vehicle platforms with modular powertrains serving the long-haul freight EcoSystem”. It addresses the decarbonisation of long-distance freight transport by demonstrating real-world applications with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) across Europe. On 11 May 2023 ZEFES held, as part of the Transport and Logistics 2023 conference, a seminar on zero-emission heavy-duty road transport: perspectives and innovation testing in real operations. At this event, ZEFES informed the participants about the vehicles, infrastructure, and logistics operations requirements to accelerate the adoption and...
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EUCAR Annual Conference 2023

The EUCAR Annual Conference took place on 5 May 2023 in Autoworld, Brussels. The Conference highlighted the crucial role of collaborative research and innovation in the automotive industry in creating knowledge and attracting skills. The theme is particularly relevant in the context of the European Commission's Year of Skills initiative, which aims to promote and improve the acquisition of skills and competencies in Europe. The conference raised awareness of people's importance, talents, and skills in transforming mobility. We encourage individuals, businesses, and governments to invest in developing skills and competencies to make the transition a success. Rosalinde van der...
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