EUCAR welcomes Honda R&D Europe as a member

Brussels 7 January 2019 – The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR), representing the major European automobile manufacturers in their common research activities, welcomes Honda R&D Europe,  as a new member to the organisation. Honda’s membership has taken effect on 1 January 2019. “I would like to warmly welcome our new member, Honda. With joint forces we will seek common pre-competitive research insights that are crucial for our industry to further develop innovative mobility concepts. I strongly believe, that our mix of voices will lead to fruitful discussions, diversity in thinking and a broad portfolio of solutions”, says Dr Axel Heinrich, EUCAR Chairman 2019...
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Message from the 2019 EUCAR Chairman

As the pace of technological and societal change accelerates, new visions of tomorrow’s mobility are emerging. More than ever, pre-competitive research projects are crucial for the automotive industry in developing innovative mobility solutions aligned with societal demands and upcoming challenges. I hold a firm belief that digitalisation and automation in road transport will play a vital role in shaping the transformation of our industry as we head into a new age of mobility. This will change the way we are moving from A to B and eventually also the way vehicles are used, sold and owned in the future. Connectivity will enable an entirely new level of co-operation between all...
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Project in Focus: THOMSON

The THOMSON project addresses the transition towards high efficient, cleaner and affordable electrified powertrains focusing, in particular, on the 48V architectures. These will allow hybrid vehicles to increase fuel economy and reduce environmental impact and to support a quick penetration on the market. This project is coordinated by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, in close cooperation with Ford of Europe, both EUCAR members are committed to developing and providing sustainable powertrain technologies that contribute to an enhanced quality of life of the EU citizens. THOMSON will demonstrate how the right combination of advanced engine downsizing/turbocharging technologies, coupled with a...
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