EUCAR Virtual Conference 2021: Sustainable Mobility Session

The presentations and video of the sustainable mobility session of the EUCAR Virtual Conference 2021 are now available. Sustainable Mobility: Stephan Neugebauer, Chairman, ERTRAC and EGVIA, gave an insight into reaching carbon-neutral road transport in 2050. Edel Sheridan, Senior Business Developer, SINTEF Energy Research, stressed that sustainability is at the heart of the battery industry. The session ended with Thomas Fabian, Director Commercial Vehicles ACEA, giving an overview of the future of trucking and how to decarbonise road transport. The video of the sustainable mobility session is available...
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More than 200 participants in EUCAR’s Virtual Conference 2021

“What progress can we expect in cars, trucks and busses in the future? How will the innovators motivate us to embrace this change? Why is it so exciting to work in the automotive industry in research, now more than ever?” Answers to all these questions were tackled at EUCAR’s Virtual Conference ‘Smart & Sustainable Mobility: New horizons for Europe.’ The keynote speaker Lars Stenqvist, Executive Vice President, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Chief Technology Officer, AB Volvo, emphasized that addressing the green deal targets is technology and innovation-driven, “…this is the time to be an engineer, and especially in the automotive industry.” The research...
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