Project in Focus: ORCA final event

On 22 September 2021, the ORCA project held its final event. The core team presented the project results and gave insight into the technical innovations built into the multimodal bus and distribution truck prototypes developed. EUCAR supported this event. Luis de Prada presented the EUCAR vision, mission and perspectives on future sustainable propulsion and commercial vehicles.  The ORCA project focuses on advancing the efficiency of plug-in hybrid electric Commercial Vehicles. Representatives of the automotive value chain (OEMs, suppliers, and research organisations) joined forces to develop improved propulsion systems for multimodal buses and distribution trucks. These vehicle’s...
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Join the EUCAR virtual conference 2021

Achieving the goal of a carbon-neutral Europe in 2050 is our joint ambition. Making this vision a reality will affect every aspect of our daily lives, especially our mobility and transportation needs. What technological progress can we expect? How can innovators motivate not only early adopters but the large majority to embrace this change? What do we need to make this transition successful? How can we better co-create innovation with citizens in a systemic approach? We will address these questions and much more in our 2021 EUCAR event ‘Smart & Sustainable mobility: New horizons for Europe’. In three dedicated sessions (see agenda here), thought leaders from the automobile...
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Project in Focus: Advancing battery technologies with 3BELIEVE & SAFELIMOVE

High performant electric batteries are essential to de-carbonise society. The success of electric mobility depends on innovations: improving fast charging, increasing performance and vehicle range, reducing the overall cost of the batteries while ensuring the sustainability of materials and production are key research areas. EUCAR members together with research organisations and the battery value chain industry advance lithium-ion battery technologies for propulsion in two Horizon 2020 projects: 3BELIEVE will develop and demonstrate the next generation of high-energy battery cells (generation 3b)  for automotive applications. These battery cells include sensors while the full battery...
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