Registration for the EUCAR Annual Conference 2020 is open

The registration for EUCAR’s ‘Innovating towards more sustainable mobility’ conference is now open. Join thought leaders from the automobile sector, policy makers and all stakeholders shaping the future of mobility. We will talk about Europe’s ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and reinventing road transport solutions in the decades to come. The entire mobility ecosystem will transform, requiring all relevant stakeholders to cooperate: citizens and end users of transport solutions, automobile manufacturers, the energy sector, other industries and start-ups and everyone that is driving technological progress. Making sure that research and innovation are supported...
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European Council finalises its position on Horizon Europe

On Tuesday 29 September 2020, the EU Research Ministers adopted the European Council’s position on Horizon Europe, the EU framework programme for research and innovation for this decade. This agreement is an important step forward towards final adoption of Horizon Europe. EUCAR Director, Stefan Deix, said: “This is highly relevant for us all. We need an effective framework to leverage investments. 60% of Horizon Europe should be dedicated to global challenges and industrial competitiveness. We need to prioritise climate, energy and mobility, together with the digitalisation of our industry.” Let’s shape Horizon Europe...
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JEC Well-To-Wheels study update is now available online

The long-awaited updated version 5 of JEC Well-to-Wheels study, assessing the energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of road fuel and powertrain configurations compared to the 2030 European context is published. The JEC project is a long-standing collaboration between the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, EUCAR and Concawe. Our objectives are the evaluation of energy use and GHG emissions related to engine and vehicle technologies, fuel production routes and final quality, and the interaction between them, with the ultimate goal to provide the European Union with scientific WTW facts, supporting the sustainable development of European vehicle and refining...
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