A European Partnership for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility

Already today, road vehicles provide advanced assistance functionalities and support the driving task in dangerous situations. In the future, we expect systems with significantly reduced reaction times and vehicle control for extended periods. Combining Connectivity, Cooperative systems and Automation for Mobility (CCAM) will bring us closer to Vision Zero. Through digitalisation, CCAM will bring mobility to a new level, improving traffic management, reducing congestion, and contributing to protecting the environment. For this vision, Europe takes a leading role to guide the transformation, creating more sustainable solutions while strengthening European competitiveness. With this...
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European Partnerships for zero-emission vehicle technologies and solutions

The European Green Deal is our joint ambition to reach a climate-neutral continent by 2050. We need to drive industries' and society's transformation, addressing carbon emissions and all aspects of our daily lives to achieve this challenging goal. It involves a transition towards using renewable energy as much as possible. For example, in road transport, we reinvent mobility solutions for the decades to come, consequently changing the whole ecosystem (i.e. citizens, business, technologies, and end-users) with a systemic approach. Increasing the number of zero- and low-emission vehicles on European roads requires developing and improving batteries together with public and private...
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Project in Focus: CEVOLVER

The charging time, range and affordability are key factors for the broader market uptake of battery-electric vehicles. Therefore, the CEVOLVER project takes a user-centric approach to create solutions for comfortable long-distance trips while assuring affordability with a well-dimensioned battery. The developed demonstrator vehicles will be capable of using the new fast-charging standard. The CEVOLVER project consortium will reduce the energy consumption of future battery-electric vehicles by developing new thermal and energy management systems. In the second step, CEVOLVER will use connectivity to provide the driver with a more accurate range-prediction and assistance to find the most...
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