EUCAR-CEDR Agreement signed at Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2022 in Lisbon

The signature of the EUCAR-CEDR agreement on 16 November 2022, during the Transport Research Arena 2022 held in Lisbon, marks the beginning of joined forces to strengthen the collaboration between automotive and road infrastructure. CEDR (The Conference of European Director of Roads) and EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) joined forces to accelerate innovation in road transport through increased outreach. Both organisations, as membership-driven associations in the fields of automotive and road network management respectively, agreed to facilitate joint project endorsement, for specific strategic relevant projects innovating road transport. This agreement also provides...
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Transport Research Arena (TRA 2022) is about to kick-off in Lisbon

We look forward to next week’s TRA conference with EUCAR’s Chairman Dr Peter Lehnert, VP Technology and Innovation Digital Car, BMW Group participating in the plenary on “Green Mobility and Decarbonisation”. Don’t forget to visit and connect with key projects such as Hi-Drive and LONGRUN and join us networking with the community at the ERTRAC, CCAM and 2Zero booth. The Transport Research Arena 2022 (TRA) dedicated to European Research and Technology is only a couple of days away. This year’s theme is: “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide” giving experts worldwide the possibility to discuss the newest innovations and the future of...
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Auto industry continues to invest massively in R&D

Last Wednesday, the governing body of EUCAR, the EUCAR Council, consisting of the heads of research and advanced development of the member companies, invited high-level stakeholders to the annual EUCAR Reception. Keynote speakers addressed the audience on the importance of investing in research and development to drive green and digital transformation. “Research, knowledge creation, and advancing technologies are key in this green and digital transformation,” stated Peter Lehnert, VP Technology and Innovation Digital Car, BMW Group,” and concluded that “It is now that partnerships and collaboration between OEMs and other stakeholders are needed to accelerate innovation...
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