Project in Focus: L3Pilot Final Event

L3Pilot (Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads) is the EU and EUCAR flagship project testing the viability of Automated Driving for safe and efficient road transport. On 13 and 14 October 2021, the L3Pilot project held the final event in conjunction with the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, Germany.    After four years of testing on public roads, 34 partners, all major European OEMs, coordinated by Volkswagen AG, showed an in-depth dive into their results. One of the major achievements is the Code of Practice for the Development of Automated Driving Functions (CoP-ADF). It provides comprehensive guidelines for supporting the design, development, verification and validation of...
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Project in Focus: AEROFLEX final event

On 28 September 2021, the AEROFLEX project held its final event at the ZF Test Track in Jeversen, Germany. With this event, the project consortium concluded their work over more than three years, developing and successfully demonstrating new technologies, concepts, and architectures for future heavy good vehicles (HGV). In AEROFLEX, the partners optimised aerodynamics, powertrains and safety systems to reduce the carbon footprint while improving road transport efficiency and safety. Flexible and adaptable loading units, using connectivity, will further increase the overall logistic efficiency. The consortium members showed all innovations and project results from AEROFLEX with...
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Project in Focus: ENSEMBLE public demonstration event

On 23 September 2021, the ENSEMBLE project held its public demonstration event to show that multi-brand platooning is a reality in Europe. EUCAR supports ENSEMBLE as it is the EUCAR flagship project in automation for commercial vehicles. The ENSEMBLE project is paving the way for the adoption of multi-brand truck platooning in Europe. Truck platooning links two or more trucks in convoy using connectivity, while multi-brand platooning connects vehicles from different manufacturers. This improves energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions while increasing traffic efficiency and safety. At the event, all involved heavy-duty vehicles manufacturers connected seven trucks to build a platoon....
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