European Partnerships for zero-emission vehicle technologies and solutions

The European Green Deal is our joint ambition to reach a climate-neutral continent by 2050. We need to drive industries’ and society’s transformation, addressing carbon emissions and all aspects of our daily lives to achieve this challenging goal. It involves a transition towards using renewable energy as much as possible.

For example, in road transport, we reinvent mobility solutions for the decades to come, consequently changing the whole ecosystem (i.e. citizens, business, technologies, and end-users) with a systemic approach. Increasing the number of zero- and low-emission vehicles on European roads requires developing and improving batteries together with public and private recharging and refuelling infrastructure.

EUCAR supports this transition by establishing European Partnerships in the next European framework programme for research and innovation – Horizon Europe. Advancing technologies and solutions for zero-emission road transport is the main goal of the “Towards zero-emission road transport – (2ZERO)” Partnership. It is interlinked with the ambition to support the development of a competitive European industrial battery value chain with “Batteries European Partnership – Batt4EU “.

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