Commercial Vehicles

image_preview (1)Motivation

  • Identify Strategic Research needs for Commercial Vehicle applications (trucks and buses),
  • Develop Commercial Vehicle – specific R&D projects,
  • Promote common projects within EUCAR WGs, or with external research bodies (EU & National) and research providers,
  • Maintain a roadmap for research activities in an integrated approach for commercial transport with others stakeholders involved in freight & public transport solutions (infrastructure, operators, logisticians etc).

Research Objectives

  • Efficient long-haul freight transport vehicles adapted to the infrastructure requirements and optimized for the transport demands,
  • Optimised urban transport vehicles for passengers and goods,
  • Integrated road transport safety & security for commercial vehicles,
  • Reduction of emissions (CO2 and Noise) for commercial vehicles,
  • Competitive European commercial vehicle manufacturing,
  • Inter- and co-modal transport solutions for transport efficiency.

Strategic vision

  • To enable
    • continuous flow of goods through the European Union,
    • clean, safe and efficient public road transport solutions for passengers, under sustainable development conditions
  • To support new freight logistic and passengers mobility organisations and infrastructures through new vehicle concepts design and introduction,
  • To enable good interfaces between freight and passenger mobility stakeholders (vehicles, infrastructures, authorities…) to fulfil integrated needs through a coordinated approach.