EG Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles


Global warming and limitation of fossil fuels afford the introduction of new powertrain concepts for road vehicles with highest efficiency and low well-to wheel green-house-gas emissions. Electric vehicles, especially battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles offer the highest potential for sustainable mobility of the future.

Research Objectives:

–  Competitive electric drive train components for BEVs and FCVs with high efficiency and suitability for mass production

–  Competitive electric drive train components for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), including PlugIN Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

–  Advanced fuel cell systems for drive train applications, incl. stack and FC system components

–  Novel FC APU systems  and related components incl. reformer technologies

–  Hydrogen fuel, storage and infrastructure interface issues

–  Advanced electrochemical energy storage systems

–  Project demonstrations and fleet tests with BEVs, FCVs and FC-APUs