Auto industry continues to invest massively in R&D

Last Wednesday, the governing body of EUCAR, the EUCAR Council, consisting of the heads of research and advanced development of the member companies, invited high-level stakeholders to the annual EUCAR Reception.

Keynote speakers addressed the audience on the importance of investing in research and development to drive green and digital transformation.

“Research, knowledge creation, and advancing technologies are key in this green and digital transformation,” stated Peter Lehnert, VP Technology and Innovation Digital Car, BMW Group,” and concluded that “It is now that partnerships and collaboration between OEMs and other stakeholders are needed to accelerate innovation further.”

In her keynote, Sigrid de Vries, ACEA’s new Director General, stressed that “Despite the contracting market and pressure from inflation and energy costs, the auto industry continues to invest massively in R&D, in the skills and technologies driving the green and digital transition, “and, “mobility, at the end of the day, is what keeps society running. This is what we all, together as an industry stand for; and this is why we welcome EUCAR’s efforts to keep on driving and accelerating innovation.”

Andreas Cremer, Chief Executive Officer, FEBIAC, guided the audience through Belgian’s automotive history with facts and figures. Innovation, research, and development have always plaid an important role in the past and will continue to do so in the future.