EUCAR Perspective on Future Sustainable Propulsion

Key Statements for Sustainable Propulsion. EUCAR is committed to supporting the targets of the 2015 Paris climate change conference, COP 21.  →Our highest priority is to mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EUCAR is committed to developing and providing sustainable powertrain technologies that contribute to an enhanced quality of life of the EU citizens.  →We reduce direct and indirect pollutant emissions from road transport, starting with urban areas. EUCAR strives to develop powertrain technologies that will advance the technological competitiveness of the European automotive industry and maintain its position as a significant employer...
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EUCAR Perspective on Urban Mobility

The automotive industry is one of the most important growth engines for economic welfare in Europe. The full strength of industry should be used to address the mobility issues we see in European cities. Novel and advanced versions of the passenger car and the commercial vehicle – as the backbone of the European economy – will contribute to seamlessly integrated public transport solutions as well as improvements of the transport system at large. This will contribute tremendously to societal, environmental, and economic welfare, job creation and growth of Europe. Superior solutions can be exported globally and thus help Europe to position itself as a world leader in innovation,...
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EUCAR Perspective on Connected and Automated Vehicles

EUCAR is committed to achieve safer, cleaner, smarter and more efficient transport solutions. Researching Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) technologies will play a vital role in it: CAV technologies will support the Vision Zero targets set for 2050 by decreasing the number of road fatalities and accidents. CAV contributes to reducing transport emissions and congestion, while ensuring inclusive mobility for persons and goods. CAV will provide individual mobility to all users; in particular elderly and people with disabilities. CAV will have a remarkable economic impact ensuring long-term European growth and jobs. CAV will enable new mobility concepts shifting...
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