Project List

Project in Focus: GasOn

The GasOn project addresses an alternative way towards clean and sustainable mobility by fully exploiting the benefits of  Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG offers less CO2 emissions, which can be close to zero for biomethane (renewable energy). Beside that CNG also offers a significantly higher knock resistance and near zero particulates. These benefits have been exploited in GasOn by developing 4 different, monovalent (running on CNG only) engine concepts for passenger and light duty vehicle applications The engine concepts developed in GasOn reached efficiencies clearly above current series products leading to CO2 savings of up to 20%. One of the measures to achieve that is a high...
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Project in Focus: L3Pilot

Europe’s automotive industry has joined forces with suppliers, universities and research institutes to test and evaluate automated vehicle technologies in real traffic conditions. L3Pilot (Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads) is the EU flagship project testing the viability of Automated Driving for a safe and efficient transport. 13 OEMs participate in currently the biggest project for large-scale pilots for SAE Level 3 functions. The (planned) 100 test vehicles are exposed to variable conditions in 10 European countries with 1,000 test drivers all over Europe. The project has achieved its first-year milestone, defining a common methodology for piloting, testing and...
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Project in Focus: AEROFLEX

On October 2017 six EUCAR members (DAF Trucks, IVECO, Scania AB, Volvo Group and FIAT Chrysler Automobile) coordinated by MAN Truck and Bus, launched the AEROFLEX project. This ambitious project will develop and demonstrate new technologies, concepts and architectures for complete vehicles with optimised aerodynamics, powertrains and safety systems as well as flexible and adaptable loading units with advanced connectivity. The best match between novel vehicle concepts and infrastructures is very important. For this, the definition of smart infrastructure access policies for the next generation of trucks, load carriers and road infrastructure is required. AEROFLEX has recently started its...
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