CCAM Association’s members gathered for its 7th General Assembly

The Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility Association (CCAM) is an international not-for-profit organisation. Established in 2021 to support creating a more user-centred and inclusive mobility system and to increase road safety while reducing congestion and the environmental footprint, it now counts more than 200 members. In the seventh General Assembly on 4 July, CCAM’s Chair and Association Delegation discussed and presented research priorities for Horizon Europe’s 2023-25 work programme, as well as the use cases and targets for the large-scale demonstration projects (2026-2030).

EUCAR is a founding member of CCAM and represents the automotive manufacturers in the General Assembly, emphasising the priorities of our members in creating inclusive, user-oriented and well-integrated mobility solutions with increased safety and a reduced carbon footprint.

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