Join us at the ERTRAC annual conference 2021

Innovation in the automotive industry requires more and more a systemic approach. Advancing technologies for future vehicles includes the active involvement of infrastructure stakeholders, energy producers and authorities to achieve sustainable, safe, clean, and efficient road transport solutions. 

In ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, we bring together all stakeholders to develop a shared vision for future road transport research in Europe. EUCAR and our experts are actively supporting this roadmap development within ERTRAC.

In this year’s ERTRAC conference on 2 July, we discuss the upcoming challenges for road transport research for Horizon Europe, the EU framework programme in this decade. 

The sessions in the ERTRAC conference will address 

  • Resilient Urban Mobility System and New Mobility Services; 
  • The ERTRAC study on Climate-neutral Road Transport 2050 and the new roadmap on Sustainable Energies and Powertrains for Road Transport;
  • Next research topics for Road Safety & Security; and 
  • Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving.

You can see the conference program and register for free at