EUCAR at TM4CAD workshop on automated driving

On 10 June 2022, EUCAR participated in a workshop organised by the TM4CAD project (Traffic Management for Connected and Automated Driving Project). The project is funded by the Conference of European Road Directors (CEDR) and explores infrastructure’s role in supporting automated driving.

In the workshop, the TM4CAD project members presented their approach and basic concepts while collecting feedback from EUCAR experts. EUCAR was represented by Aria Etemad (Volkswagen, EUCAR Expert Group Automated Vehicles leader), Christoph Kessler (Ford of Europe), Nicolas Vignard (Toyota Motor Europe) and Luis de Prada (EUCAR research programme manager). The participants discussed and exchanged positions in two interactive sessions, the first one addressing how OEMs understand the Operational Design Domain (ODD, the specific conditions under which a given driving function, or feature, is designed to operate) and the second one addressing the priorities for supporting automated driving.

The success of connected and automated mobility depends on user adoption. EUCAR, and its members, foster dialogue with all stakeholders to accelerate the deployment of CAD. The TM4CAD workshop proved to be a valuable contribution in this direction.

You can find more information regarding the TM4CAD and Hi-Drive projects here: