EUCAR-CEDR Agreement signed at Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2022 in Lisbon

The signature of the EUCAR-CEDR agreement on 16 November 2022, during the Transport Research Arena 2022 held in Lisbon, marks the beginning of joined forces to strengthen the collaboration between automotive and road infrastructure.

CEDR (The Conference of European Director of Roads) and EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) joined forces to accelerate innovation in road transport through increased outreach. Both organisations, as membership-driven associations in the fields of automotive and road network management respectively, agreed to facilitate joint project endorsement, for specific strategic relevant projects innovating road transport.

This agreement also provides for EUCAR and CEDR to jointly define the conditions for their support to projects addressing specific calls from EU and other programmes, based on their specific objectives and expectations. The endorsed projects will further increase their impact through targeted dissemination activities, supported by the associations and their working groups as well as provide access to publications and social media.

The Conference of European Director of Roads (CEDR) is an organisation of European national road administrations that promotes excellence in the management of roads. CEDR consolidates its position as the platform for Road Directors and National Road Administrations that facilitates, reliably and effectively, benchmarking and sharing of knowledge and best practices, collaborations and sharing of resources in joint projects, professional networking, and competence building.

The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) is the R&I association of major European passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers that strives for sustainable, safe, clean & efficient road transport solutions, providing freedom of mobility to all, with benefits to users and society. EUCAR strengthen the competitiveness of the European automotive manufacturers facilitating pre-competitive research and development projects and promoting the participation of its members in a wide range of collaborative European R&D programmes.