EUCAR highlights key recommendations for the content and procedure of the 2016/2017 work programmes of Horizon 2020

Brussels, 14 January 2015 – EUCAR highlights key recommendations for the content and procedure of the 2016/2017 work programmes of Horizon 2020 

EUCAR has issued its recommendations for the research and innovation content of the next work programmes of Horizon 2020 (for 2016 and 2017) directly to the European Commission.

In addition we have issued a short paper highlighting some constructive recommendations for enhancing the procedures for future calls and work programmes.  In particular these are geared towards accelerating the process for starting Horizon 2020 projects and increasing their capacity to support future innovation in the automotive industry.  Recommendations for industrially-relevant research and innovation themes, such as those in the “Mobility For Growth” part of the Transport Work Programme, include:

  • Reflection of the research and innovation needs of all relevant actors in the road transport community through the ongoing cooperation with representative associations and technology platforms
  • Calls for proposals with more explicit formulations of the scope and size of projects
  • Use of the single-stage evaluation procedure

EUCAR and its members will be very glad to discuss these recommendations with all interested parties to determine a balanced approach for future calls and the continued success of Horizon 2020.

Position paper: Horizon 2020 procedures