EUCAR hosts the 2024 Programme Board meetings in May

EUCAR started the 2024 Programme Board meetings this week with the Digitalisation of Road Transport and Commercial Vehicles. Both meetings offered rich discussions on automotive research and innovations covering technical aspects and high-level guidance from the participants.

European Commission representatives from DG CNECT, DG GROW, DG MOVE, DG RTD, DG JRC  and its executive agency, CINEA, participate and present the relevant Horizon Europe programme, the partnerships and call topics. EUCAR invited 2ZERO, CCAM, BEPA, CEDR, CLEPA, ERTICO, IRU, ERTRAC, Hydrogen Europe and Bio-industries Consortium to join the programme board meetings.

The Programme Board members reviewed the progress of the EUCAR projects with high industrial relevance:

  • Hi-Drive (Advances the European state-of-the-art of automated driving from SAE L3′ Conditional Automation’ further towards ‘High Automation’ by demonstrating in large-scale trials the robustness and reliability of connected and automated driving (CAD) functions).
  • FEDERATE SDV (Aims to collect and evaluate future trends, derive a common understanding (glossary), prepare and maintain a roadmap, help to create a vibrant SDV community in Europe and furthermore, foster a European initiative and orchestrate a strong open European collaborative community).
  • ZEFES (Zero Emission Flexible vehicle platforms with modular powertrains serving the long-haul freight EcoSystem)
  • H2Accelerated Truck (Paving the way for large-scale deployment of hydrogen trucks and the expansion of a hydrogen refuelling network throughout Europe)

The series of Programme Board meetings in 2024 will close with Sustainable Mobility on 29 May. This meeting will cover all aspects of sustainable road transport: zero-emission technologies, circular economy, materials, and critical cross-sectorial value chains. The projects TranSensus LCA, LeMesurier, and Strength_M will be presented at this meeting.

The EUCAR Programme Board meetings take place annually and bring together senior research executives from EUCAR Members (EU automotive OEMs), senior external experts, European Commission officials, and European project coordinators.

During these programme meetings, the board members review the status and progress in relevant R&I domains for the automotive industry to identify potential synergies and priorities for future research.