EUCAR publishes research & innovation priorities in “Sustainable Propulsion”

17th September 2013 – EUCAR publishes research & innovation priorities in “Sustainable Propulsion”

EUCAR is publishing the second summary of its series of roadmaps for research and innovation (R&I) in Horizon 2020, for the Strategic Pillar “Sustainable Propulsion”.  The summary sets out the EUCAR strategic vision for sustainable propulsion technologies, derived from the long-term objectives for industry and society, within the context of global trends.  The summary contains industrialisation milestones which set guiding objectives for the future R&I activities.

The priority R&I topics in this domain are categorised in two main areas, for which EUCAR’s Expert Groups have compiled detailed roadmaps defining the strategic collaborative R&I priorities for the industry, in order to meet the set objectives:

  • Internal-combustion engine (ICE) based powertrain – all powertrains which include an internal combustion engine
  • Electric vehicle (xEV) based powertrain – all powetrains with an electric drive, including battery electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, range-extender electric vehicles

The roadmaps are to be shared with the European Commission as recommendations for the content of Horizon 2020’s constituent programmes, and with other stakeholders in the collaborative R&I community.


Executive Summary R&I Roadmaps Sustainable Propulsion