Giving collaborative research and innovation a strong impetus

Together with 24 other EU industry and research associations, the European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) has signed a joint declaration entitled ‘Boosting Europe’s Future Competitiveness as Key Priority for FP9’.

In order to fulfil European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s wish to make Europe’s “industry stronger and more competitive” and help it “stay or become the world leader in innovation”, the EU’s Framework Programme 9 (FP) should prioritise supporting industrial competitiveness from the start. This requires an ambitious strategy, taking full advantage of current research successes, understanding emerging risks and opportunities, considering the wider international industrial landscape, and focusing on European added value.

The joint declaration emphasises the need:

  • to boost the competitiveness of EU industries by increasing productivity;
  • to maximise the impact of EU funded RD&I for society, building on Horizon 2020’s efforts;
  • to strengthen European industries’ capacities to further absorb and scale up novel technologies;
  • to strengthen Europe’s capabilities to keep on top of the ‘innovation race’ with third countries, in order to safeguard Europe’s economic growth and employment.

Read the full declaration here: Download declaration.