Hi-Drive webinar: Code of Practice

On 17 February 2023, from 10.00 to 12.00, the Hi-Drive project will be hosting a webinar on the Code of Practice (CoP) for the development of Automated Driving Functions.

The Hi-Drive project advances the European state-of-the-art of automated driving from SAE L3 ‘Conditional Automation’ further up towards ‘High Automation’ by demonstrating in large-scale trials the robustness and reliability of connected and automated driving (CAD) functions. The focus is on testing and evaluating a variety of functionalities, from motorway chauffeur to urban chauffeur, analysed in various scenarios covering different driving cultures across Europe.

In the upcoming webinar, the Hi-Drive (www.Hi-Drive.eu) consortium invites you to participate and get insights on the goals, methodology, and evolution of L3Pilot’s (www.L3Pilot.eu) Code of Practice (CoP) to Hi-Drive’s CoP.

Further information and registration (free of charge) at the Hi-Drive Code of Practice Live Webinar.

The CoP-ADF document is available on EUCAR’s Website (link).