The JEC Consortium holds a webinar on the fifth update of its Well-To-Wheel study

The updated fifth version of the JEC Well-To-Wheel study was presented in a focused webinar by the end of 2020. The JEC consortium organised this webinar with more than 200 participants. The Well-To-Wheel (WTW) report assesses the energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of fuel and road powertrain configurations in Europe compared to the projected setting in 2030.

The JEC project is a long-standing collaboration between the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, EUCAR and Concawe. Our objectives are evaluating energy use and GHG emissions related to engine and vehicle technologies, fuel production routes and final quality, and the interaction between them. The ultimate goal is providing the European Union with scientific WTW facts, supporting the sustainable development of European vehicle and refining industries.

The webinar included:

  • Welcome and introduction to the JEC WTW study goals and methodology, Nicolae Scarlat, EC DG JRC
  • Wheel-to-Tank: environmental impact of traditional and alternative fuels production, Marta Yugo, Concawe
  • Tank-to-Wheel: current and future environmental performance of road vehicles, Luis De Prada, EUCAR
  • Well-to-Wheel integration: assessing the impact of the road transport sector, Matteo Prussi, EC DG JRC
  • Question and answers session

Click here for the full view of the presentation of this event, including the full webinar video

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