Launch of New EUCAR Strategy and Research Recommendations

Europe is transforming society towards an inclusive, environment-friendly and most, importantly, sustainable lifestyle. This green transition will affect every aspect of our economy and living, fighting climate change and depletion of finite resources and protecting our habitat. At the same time, digital technologies are swiftly transforming societies and economies with new opportunities and challenges for people.

The automotive industry is central to the green and digital twin transition. The EUCAR members fully commit to mastering this transformation and delivering a sustainable, fair, and competitive future. We accelerate innovation for mobility and increase European resilience for the industry.

To this end, the EUCAR Council developed a new strategy addressing the twin transition. Three Strategic Areas have been defined: Sustainable Mobility, Digitalisation of Road Transport and Commercial Vehicles. The Expert Groups, and the leaders of the Strategic Areas, worked on the content following the strategy. Today we publish our new content, descriptions, and updated research recommendations.

Please have a look at our Strategic Areas and research recommendations: