Message from EUCAR Chair 2022

Driven by digitalisation and the urgent need to act on climate change, the mobility sector is going through a significant transformation. We accept the challenge to become carbon neutral and to aim for truly sustainable business operations. We believe that all ways of mobility remain part of a liveable European society.

For this vision to become real, we need to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, aligning the innovation power towards this goal. The success of this remarkable endeavour depends on:

  • research, knowledge creation and advancing technologies
  • collaboration across industries and sectorial domains,
  • continued validation of the path towards our objectives, and
  • taking society and people with their different needs with us.

Research and innovation allow us to assess better the impact of mobility, powertrains and energy carriers on the environment over the entire lifecycle (i.e. LCA). It will support us in improving our understanding and strengthening our contribution to a circular economy. With a focus on the user and the user-needs for transport and mobility, we provide sustainable and economic viable solutions, maximising the positive impact on society while improving the quality of life.

The prospects of digitalisation, high-performance computing, automation and AI provide the key ingredients for the successful transformation. Data is essential and will provide prospects for creating new ecosystems and innovative services. However, protecting the user and ensuring their safety and security remains the most important objective.

Emerging technologies will help us address our present and future mobility challenges. We will fully leverage this knowledge so that the automotive manufacturers continue to provide safer, cleaner and more sustainable road transport solutions with benefits to their users and society.

In EUCAR, we strive for this long-term vision while strengthening the competitiveness of the industry through research and innovation. We develop common insights, create knowledge, advance technologies and keep a constructive dialogue between public and private partners.

As EUCAR Chair in 2022, I feel honoured to lead this association in this crucial time of change and transformation. It is great to work with this passionate team and we are fully committed to Europe. Together we realise steps towards our vision and create a worth living future.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Lehnert
EUCAR Chairman 2022
VP Technology and Innovation Digital Car, BMW Group