Message from EUCAR Chair 2023

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented key challenges. From the most stringent emissions regulations and shift towards electric vehicles with the aim to reduce emissions and combat climate change, to the need for significant investments in research and development to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer preferences or evolving technologies such as connected cars or automated driving.

However, these are not only challenges. These are also unique opportunities for the European automotive industry to pave the way in developing innovative solutions that will not only benefit of European citizens but will also strengthen our competitiveness.

As an example, digitalisation is not only transforming how vehicles are being used by end customers, but as well how they are being designed, developed, manufactured, and maintained more efficiently. Artificial intelligence and big data are technologies not only adopted and integrated for better connected services or automated driving, but as well used as enablers to develop advanced hardware and software solutions that improve future road transport efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Reducing the environmental impact of all our operations, further decarbonising and moving towards a circular economy are as well critical priorities for EUCAR. By working together, decarbonised transport solutions can be imagined that reduce waste, preserve resources, and support the transition towards a more sustainable future, demonstrating the commitment of the industry into collaborating and developing sustainable transport solutions over the entire life cycle.

As a research association that brings together the major European car manufacturers into collaborative research and innovation projects for sustainable, safe, clean, and efficient road transport solutions, EUCAR is not only striving to provide freedom of mobility to all, with benefits to users and society, but it is also developing a unique networking platform for sharing knowledge on advanced technologies and strengthening the competitiveness of European automotive manufacturers.

It is a privilege to chair the European Council for Automotive R&D in 2023. In this decade of major transformation of our industry, I am pleased to confirm that with the automotive industry, and specifically the EUCAR members, we are committed to address together the challenges of digitalisation, decarbonization, and circular economy to create a better future.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-François Salessy
EUCAR Chairman 2023
Vice-President, Advanced Technologies and Expertise, Group Renault