Message from the new EUCAR Director

Stefan Deix 1 Brussels, November 20, 2015, assignment for Eucar. © Fred Guerdin ©

Since Monday 16 November 2015 I am the new Director of EUCAR, which is a great honour to me. This prestigious assignment comes along with great responsibility, which I gladly accept.

The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) has been the voice of automobile manufacturers in the field of R&D for more than 20 years now. During this period, EUCAR has successfully contributed to establishing a multitude of research projects, all of them promoting clean, safe and efficient mobility. Precompetitive collaborative research on the European level has, and always will be, an important cornerstone for automotive innovation – with EUCAR’s members actively driving progress at the forefront!

‘Connected to the Future’ was the title of EUCAR’s 2015 conference and reception, which took place earlier this month. It provided a great opportunity for almost 300 participants to discuss future challenges and ideas for automotive innovation. The ‘Connected to the Future’ theme also refers to the process of connecting EUCAR members and relevant stakeholders with each other to define future automotive challenges and research needs.

Our goal is to further develop, advance and shape innovation to strengthen competitiveness and address grand societal challenges through high-quality collaborative European research projects.

Let’s create our future mobility together!

Stefan Deix


European Council for Automotive R&D – EUCAR

Avenue des Nerviens 85 |B-1040 Bruxelles |


Short CV: Stefan Deix graduated as a physicist from the University of Vienna. Since November 2015 he is the Director of EUCAR, the European Council of Automotive R&D. Prior to this Stefan Deix was Director for Research & Innovation at CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), where he coordinated and facilitated the Research and Innovation Working Group and Task Forces. In this position, Deix oversaw the creation of position papers, strategic research agendas, technology roadmaps and annual implantation plans on collaborative public-funded EU research. Before that he was responsible for acquiring, implementing and managing national and international collaborative research projects at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in the Department Mobility. Stefan Deix was very active as international representative and appointed research coordinator for Austria, research area leader for road safety and elected Chairman of the research coordinators at FEHRL (Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories).