Only one month left until the EUCAD2023 conference takes place

Only one month to go until the 4th European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving (EUCAD2023) takes place in Brussels from 3 to 4 May 2023.

EUCAD2023 brings together political leaders from the European Commission and Member States, industry representatives, academics, and road authorities to discuss the deployment of smart, inclusive, and sustainable mobility solutions. Highlights of the event include keynote speeches by high-level representatives for the European Commission and industry leaders as well as panel discussions of topics such as:

  • The Future of Urban Mobility
  • CCAM Deployment in Europe and Beyond
  • CCAM Research and Innovation
  • Social Acceptance and Ethical Considerations
  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

There will also be a series of interactive sessions, including workshops and demonstrations, showcasing the latest CCAM technologies and research. EUCAR will contribute to the organisation of the conference with an impressive exhibition of the Hi-Drive Project and a significant number of speakers.

You can register and check out the event’s programme on the event’s website.