Perspective on Urban Mobility

Urban areas play a central role in the future development of Europe, specifically regarding our ambitions towards the green deal targets. For this reason, Horizon Europe dedicates one mission to support cities in accelerating their green and digital transformation. This Cities Mission aims at delivering 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, serving as innovation hubs for other cities to follow.

Cities come in various forms and sizes with different challenges. One solution does not fit all, and therefore we need to address the multiple needs that exist for users and citizens. However, mobility solutions are not designed for single cities. Future urban mobility solutions will be flexible and scalable, taking advantage of economy of scale and preserving the integrity of the internal market. Being successful requires high efforts, focus, a holistic approach, and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

EUCAR is convinced that quality of life is complemented and enhanced by the quality of mobility. New solutions should be developed, tested and deployed, starting in Europe while keeping their export potential in mind. Let’s use our expertise in mobility to help create sustainable cities of the future.

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