• EUCAR Perspective on Horizon Europe midterm review and outlook towards FP 10

    EUCAR calls for an ambitious and industry-relevant next framework programme (FP10) to strengthen the EU economy and businesses while prioritising research and innovation for society’s benefit. Bold leadership is needed to reshape the next framework programme to industrial needs while...Read …Read More »
  • EUCAR Perspective on Sustainable Mobility

    EUCAR is fully committed to achieving the Green Deal target of a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Our highest priority is to mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our products and operations. We develop sustainable...Read …Read More »
  • EUCAR Perspective on Digitalisation of Road Transport

    EUCAR is fully committed to achieving safer, cleaner, smarter and more efficient transport solutions. Digitalisation of Road Transport and its technologies will play a vital role in it: Supporting the Vision Zero targets set for 2050 by decreasing the number...Read …Read More »
  • Perspective on Urban Mobility

    Urban areas play a central role in the future development of Europe, specifically regarding our ambitions towards the green deal targets. For this reason, Horizon Europe dedicates one mission to support cities in accelerating their green and digital transformation. This...Read …Read More »
  • EUCAR Perspective on Commercial Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and they fulfil a wide range of functions within our society. Trucks and vans provide an efficient door-to-door mode of transport linking producers, businesses and consumers. With the ambition to achieve a...Read …Read More »