Project in Focus: eCharge4Drivers

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EV) grows, users’ needs and expectations on charging solutions and services are increasing. The eCharge4Drivers project will enhance EV user experience at electric vehicle charging stations by offering newly improved services helping to increase the attractiveness and convenience of EVs. Working with 32 partners across 11 European countries, the project brings together key stakeholders help to offer an enhanced EV charging experience and speed up the transition to electric vehicles across Europe.

The project captures users’ perceptions and expectations of various charging options and their mobility and parking habits. eCharge4Drivers will develop and demonstrate pilot projects in 10 areas across Europe, including metropolitan areas and Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors. Charging stations in these areas will offer user-friendly and convenient functionalities for EV drivers of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and light vehicles, such as direct payment methods and bigger, user-friendly displays. This enhanced experience for EV drivers will be increased by providing more sophisticated services to users before, during and after the charging process. These services will include smart charging. The project will demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities, a mobile charging service, charge points at lamp posts and networks of battery-swapping stations for LEVs.

Using the knowledge generated, the project will propose an EV Charging Location Planning Tool to determine the optimum mix of charging options to cover all user needs. The project partners will also develop recommendations for legal and regulatory harmonisation and guidelines for investors and authorities for the sustainability of charging infrastructure and services.

If you are interested in reviewing the results of eCharge4Drivers, you can access the project deliverables here

This project is co-funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875131. For further information on the project, please visit the project website

Project facts:

Start: Duration: Budget: Public funding: Website:
September 2017 48 months €18.5 million €14.5 million
Partners: Coordinator: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
EUCAR members: BMW Group, Centro Ricerche Fiat – Stellantis and Volvo Car Corporation.
27 other partners, among them: Automotive suppliers, authorities, research organisations and academia: ABB, AVESTA, Bosch, Barcelona municipality, CEA, Chargery, Electromaps, ERTICO, Grenoble-Alpes region, SWOBBEE, HUBJECT, IDIADA, MOSAIC, NEXXTLAB, POLIS, VERBUND and the Universities of Bari, Pisa, Sussex and Brussels.