Project in Focus: ICT4CART

Europe’s automotive industry has joined forces with suppliers, research institutes, and road authorities in the ICT4CART (Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport) project to provide the ICT infrastructure to enable the transition towards road transport automation.

The project combines and advances the state of the art technologies from telecommunication, automotive and IT industries enabling seamless integration of vehicles with infrastructure and services. The overall ICT4CART system considers cyber-security and data privacy aspects while adopting a hybrid communication approach by combining cellular and digital short-range communications (e.g. ITS G5, LTE-V) integrated into the flexible network architecture. This architecture will ensure the performance and resilience needed for higher levels of automated driving.

ICT4CART develops innovative, accurate localisation services, exploiting information from cellular networks and other sources (e,g, onboard sensors). These are important especially for driving in complex areas (e.g. urban agglomerations). The project builds on four specific use cases, including urban mobility and highway driving, validating and demonstrating under real-life conditions performance and efficiency at the project test sites in Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Italian-Austrian border. These results will be highly relevant for standardisation and interoperability.

If you are interested in ICT4CART results, you can access the project deliverables, press releases and presentations at the project website here.

This project is co-funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768953. For further information on the project, please visit the project website.

Project facts:

Start: Duration: Budget: Public funding: Website:
September 2018 42 months €10.2 million €8 million
Partners: Coordinator: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
EUCAR members: BMW Group, Centro Ricerche Fiat SCPA (STELLANTIS).
18 other partners, among them: IBM, Nokia, WIND Tre, T-Mobile, Robert Bosch, Swarco, AIRBUS, AIT, ULM, ERTICO, Comune di Verona, Urban Foresight Ltd, and BRENNER-AUTOBAHN.