Project in Focus: OBELICS

OBELICS addresses the urgent need for new tools to enable multi-level modelling and testing of EV and their components in order to deliver more efficient vehicle designs faster while supporting modularity to enable mass production and hence improved affordability. The overall objective of OBELICS is to develop a systematic and comprehensive framework for the design, development and testing of advanced e-powertrains and EVs line-ups, to reduce development efforts by 40% while improving efficiency of the e-drivetrain by 20% and increase safety by a factor of 10 using OBELICS advanced heterogeneous model-based testing methods and tools; as well as scalable and easy to parameterize real-time models.

This project is coordinated by AVL List, in close cooperation with FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, Ford of Europe and Renault Group. EUCAR members are committed to developing and providing sustainable powertrain technologies that contribute to an enhanced quality of life of the EU citizens.

OBELICS is investigating new and innovative model-based testing methods and tools which can be applied in Hardware-in-the-Loop environments that are crucial for the development of e-powertrains. Super-fast and efficient testing facilities that are able to emulate 20kHz arbitrary signal forms (using new SiC electronics) and voltages up to 1000V will be specified as a result of this project. Furthermore, the testing methods and tools consider real-life mission profiles. Testing prototypes and use cases are being throughout the project to determine electrical, mechanical and thermal behaviour of e-drivetrain components and to validate testing methods and tools.

Supporting our members, the project consortium includes 14 partners including universities, research centres and automotive suppliers. For further information on the project results, please visit the project website.

This project is co-funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769506.

Project facts:

Start: Duration: Budget: Public funding: Website:
October 2017 36 months €9.1 million €9.1 million
Partners: Coordinator: AVL List GmbH
EUCAR members: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford of Europe, Renault Group.
Partners: Bosch, SIE-NV, SIE-SAS, UNR, Valeo, CEA, Fraunhofer-LBF, FHJ, NIC, UL, UNIFI, US, VIF, VUB.