EUCAR Project Book

The EUCAR Project Book contains an overview of all the current research and innovation projects in our priority fields for ‘Sustainable Mobility’, ‘Digitalisation of Road Transport’ and ‘Commercial Vehicles’.

All of our projects are the result of combining forces in order to devise strategies and find solutions. Furthermore, involving all relevant stakeholders is crucial to delivering the positive impacts upon which we all depend for our continued economic and social prosperity. Likewise, gathering the critical mass and momentum for faster implementation of R&D results is the approach needed to achieve clean, safe, efficient and sustainable transport to guarantee the quality of life, growth and jobs.

This list of projects also indicates that the European dimension is of the utmost importance to the automotive industry. Horizon Europe provides a stable ecosystem that allows for different actors to meet and collaborate. The framework programmes have helped us to bring solutions to society’s problems to market more rapidly than would have otherwise been possible.

The eleven European passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers within EUCAR are technology and business leaders and are crucial for the European economy. We hope that this book will illustrate our engagement at the EU level and our commitment to projects which benefit European society at large.

The EUCAR Project Book can be found here