Strategic Areas

Safe & Integrated Mobility | Sustainable PropulsionUrban Mobility | Commercial Vehicles | Enabling Technologies & Processes


EUCAR has identified the main priorities for collaborative research and innovation (R&I) in the automotive sector, expressing these as the “Strategic Areas”. They are represented in the graphic above, showing the five Strategic Areas of Safe & Integrated Mobility, Sustainable Propulsion and Enabling Technologies & Processes as well as the cross-cutting Strategic Areas Urban Mobility and Commercial Vehicles.  Each contains a strategic vision statement expressing the main objectives to be targeted for collaborative automotive R&I in the domain.

Strategic Groups

Each Strategic Group is governed by an expert appointed by the EUCAR Council, with the mission to define the strategic vision, set the research and innovation priorities and oversee the work of the relevant EUCAR Expert Groups (see below).  The Groups are geared towards executing the first bullet of the EUCAR Mission “Driving strategy and assessment of collaborative automotive research and innovation” and contribute to the second and third bullets.  The Strategic Groups consist of two to three EUCAR Council members, the leaders and deputy leaders of the relevant Expert Groups and additional nominated experts from EUCAR members.

Expert Groups

Senior experts from EUCAR’s members meet within EUCAR Expert Groups to perform collaborative research and innovation activities, including the identification of common research needs, the compilation of roadmaps and the conception of projects.