Welcome to the European Council for Automotive R&D

This website presents the European automotive industry perspectives on the need for research in light of future challenges based on a vision of products and services for the transport of people and goods on the road network which provide improved safety, energy-efficiency, environmental compatibility and affordability.

This website also presents the European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) as the European body for collaborative automotive and road transport R&D. EUCAR is an industrial association owned by its members, which are the 14 major European manufacturers of cars, trucks and buses.

EUCAR and its member companies acknowledge the importance of the research work partly funded through national institutions within the EU and through the Framework Programs of the European Commission in which the automotive manufacturers have played a key role from the outset. Over the coming years the industry foresees the need for an even greater level of collaboration and commitment of key players in order to meet the ever-increasing challenges of providing efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, diverse and affordable mobility and transport in a world faced with scarcity of resources such as fossil fuels and raw materials.