EUCAR Annual Conference 2023

Photographer Fred Guerdin

The EUCAR Annual Conference took place on 5 May 2023 in Autoworld, Brussels.

The Conference highlighted the crucial role of collaborative research and innovation in the automotive industry in creating knowledge and attracting skills. The theme is particularly relevant in the context of the European Commission’s Year of Skills initiative, which aims to promote and improve the acquisition of skills and competencies in Europe.

The conference raised awareness of people’s importance, talents, and skills in transforming mobility. We encourage individuals, businesses, and governments to invest in developing skills and competencies to make the transition a success.

Rosalinde van der Vlies, Clean Planet Director, European Commission and Jean-François Salessy, Vice President, Advanced Technologies and Expertise, Renault Group, set the scene with their opening speeches.

The event featured presentations by leading experts in the field, providing valuable insights into the future of the automotive industry:

In the session on Digital Transformation, Aria Etemad, Senior Project Manager Volkswagen AG, Natasha Merat, Professor, Human Factors of Transport Systems University of Leeds and Jan Bosch, Professor of Software Engineering at the Chalmers University of Technology, shared their expertise and knowledge with the audience.

The second session focused on the Green Transition with Stephan Neugebauer, Chairman of ERTRAC and 2Zero Partnership, Jenny Elfsberg, Director, Head of Division, Vinnova and Patrice Duhaut, Expert Leader Process, Renault Group, as guest speakers.

The conference was closed by Chris Mason, Chief Executive Officer of FISITA, highlighting the collaboration between EUCAR and FISITA to foster knowledge and skills in the automotive industry.