The EUCAR Council meets in Brussels to discuss urgent issues regarding automotive R&I

On 9 November 2023, the EUCAR Council met in Brussels to discuss societal needs for mobility and transport and how to advance our solutions for sustainable, safe, clean, and efficient road transport. As part of the new EUCAR strategy, the perspectives, approach and research recommendations have been updated and endorsed. We will inform all the relevant stakeholders and policymakers on what is urgently needed and how to best plan the R&I programme for the long term.

The EUCAR members are fully committed to addressing the societal challenges for mobility while benefiting all users. The automotive manufacturers are strong competitors; nevertheless, there is a common need for non-competitive research to collaborate and find solutions.

The EUCAR Council is the governing body of EUCAR, composed of the heads of research and advanced development of EUCAR’s member companies, giving guidance to strengthen the competitiveness of the EU industry through targeted research and innovation actions.

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