Project in Focus: DOMUS

DOMUS aims at radically changing the way vehicle passenger compartments and their respective comfort control systems are designed, specifically for Electric Vehicle (EV) development. This new design methodology will optimise energy use and efficiency while keeping user comfort and safety needs central. Efficient EVs are essential to further reducing the impact on the environment; inefficiencies must be minimised due to their detrimental effect on the range.

The project started with activities to better understand “comfort” for users. Numerical models characterising thermal and acoustic properties of the passenger compartment were developed. This approach allows to create a validated framework for virtual assessment and optimisation of used energy.

Innovative solutions for glazing, seats, insulation and radiant panels, will be developed along with controllers to optimise their performance individually and when operating in combination.The optimal configuration will be derived from numerical simulation. EUCAR members will demonstrate the key elements of the new approach in a demonstrator vehicle.

The following results will be achieved, and demonstrated at vehicle level:

  • The development, integration and demonstration of new components, systems and control strategies for EVs that are energy efficient, comfortable, safe, configurable and cost effective.
  • An increase of 25% of the electric drive range of EVs compared to their 2016 reference models.
  • The generation of know-how about user’s perception of comfort and corresponding cabin requirements for future mass-market oriented efficient EVs.

This project is co-funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769902. You can find further information on the achieved project results in the DOMUS web site:

Project facts:

Start: Duration: Budget: Public funding: Website:
November 2017 42 months €9 million €9 million
Partners: Coordinator: IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
EUCAR members: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Toyota Motor Europe and Volvo Cars.
Partners: AGC, Denso TS, Faurecia, Hutchinson, IEE, LIST, Coventry, Fraunhofer, IKA, Tecnalia, ViF and Uniresearch.